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Agar 3D Gloss 5Lt Floor Polish/Sealer

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3D-GLOSS is a super-glossy sealer finish for vinyl, timber and stone floors. It is designed with a fast cure-rate for use in supermarkets where it buffs up easily under UHS buffing machines to provide a crystal-clear, dazzling gloss.

Key Benefits

  • Floors will sparkle when sealed with 3D-GLOSS.
  • 3D-GLOSS is non-slip.
  • Stays shiny for longer because of its high scratch repair
  • Responds to both gas and electric buffing machines.
  • Excellent for supermarkets and other busy floors.
  • Application:On Vinyl, Timber and Stone floor seal with 1 – 2 coats of base sealer then lay 6 coats of 3D Gloss on its own, allowing to dry well after each coat. Keep floor clean by scrubbing with Auto scrub buff floor to restore gloss using soft pad.   
  • Contains:Nonionic Surfactants Less than 5% and Tributoxy Ethyl Phosphate Less than 5%