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Agar Combi Ovan Cleaner

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What is Combi-Oven Cleaner?

COMBI-OVEN CLEANER is a fast-acting detergent for removing fat, grease, carbon and food residues from combination steamer ovens.

Key Benefits

  • Safe on seals in combi-ovens
  • Quickly dissolves fatty deposits
  • Rinses off easily

How Does It Work?

COMBI-OVEN CLEANER is an alkaline detergent with ingredients to dissolve and emulsify oils and fats (anionic surfactants and watersoluble solvents) as well as saponifying fats (potassium hydroxide). It is a water-based detergent. The hydroxide level is set at the correct concentration to prevent any attack of the seals in combi-ovens.