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Agar GREEN N GOLD Carpet Cleaner Detergent

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GREEN’N’GOLD Carpet Detergent is an environmentally preferable detergent for cleaning carpets by hot water extraction. It contains fast-acting cleaning agents and is pH controlled to be safe to use on 100% wool carpets, nylons and all washable synthetic fibres.

Key Benefits

GREEN’N’GOLD has excellent cleaning power.

GREEN’N’GOLD is pH neutral, which enables it to be safely used on 100% wool carpets.

The perfume in GREEN’N’GOLD dispels “wet carpet” odours and leaves a fresh citrus fragrance.

GREEN’N’GOLD contains biodegradable surfactants, is phosphate-free and environmentally responsible.

Environmental Care

GREEN’N’GOLD Carpet Detergent conforms with all statutory environmental requirements.

GREEN’N’GOLD Carpet Detergent has been made from ingredients that have been chosen to give the following properties:

Biodegradable surfactants



Very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can cause poor air quality, air pollution and potential allergic reactions in some individuals.

NO ammonia, glycol ethers, heavy metals, ozone depleting substances, nonyl phenol ethoxylates, free caustic or chlorine.