Agar Novadet Concentrated Detergent

Size: 500ml Empty Bottle
Sale price$6.00


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Odour: Floral/Rose Fragrance.

NOVADET will remove all dirt and spillages including:

  • Foodstuffs, drinks and cooking oils
  • General traffic dirt from floors and walls.
  • It will clean waxed and polished floors.
  • Glass, terrazzo, marble, slate and other surfaces needing a low-alkaline cleaner.
  • Use by mop, sponge or autoscrubber. NOVADET is an excellent scrub-back detergent for polished floors when used at stronger concentrations.


This highly active cleaner with deodorant action suspends dirt and soil so it won’t redeposit onto floor, does not need rinsing from floors, and will not harm alkali-sensitive finishes.

Main Benefits:

  • Is aggressive on dirt.
  • Cleans fast and completely.
  • Is low-alkaline and biodegradable.


Heavy duty cleaning:

  • Use at 1-part NOVADET in 50 parts water. This is ¾
  • cup per bucket of water, 1L per tank (small scrubber) or
  • 2L per tank (large scrubber).

Light duty cleaning:

  • Use 1 part NOVADET in 100 parts water. This is ½ cup
  • per bucket of water, ½L per tank (small scrubber) or 1L
  • per tank (large scrubber).

For scrubbing back polished floors prior to re-coating, use 1 part NOVADET in 20 parts water and scrub with blue pads. Pick up and rinse with hot water.

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