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Agar RF12 No Rinsing Food Grade Sanitiser Concentrate 5Lt

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  • Download-Safety Data Sheet
  • RF12 is a sanitiser concentrate for use in all food processing areas. When correctly diluted, RF-12 solutions do not need to be rinsed off and solution may be left on the surface to continue sanitising.

    No rinsing is required after use

    Effective on a wide range of bacteria

    Solutions of RF-12 are non-hazardous and mild to use.

    It can be used in Fogger Machine 

    Application: For Rinse Free Sanitising dilute RF-12 to 1 in 20. This is 25mls per 500mls of water (50mls per litre) make up solution and apply to surface with mop, cloth or sponge.

    Contains: Quaternary Ammonium Compound less then 10g/L