Country Garden Perfume Air Freshener

Size: 1Lt
Sale price$55.00


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Odour: Strong Floral Fragrance. 

    Agar Country Garden is a powerful air-freshener with the lingering perfume of honeysuckle and roses.

    Key Benefits

    Country Garden is a Perfume Concentrate.

    It will outlast conventional deodorant detergents.

    Country Garden provides a solution to both highly ventilated and poorly ventilated problem washrooms where a lingering perfume is required.

    How Does It Work?

    Country Garden Air Freshener Concentrate is designed to provide a lasting fragrance in areas where normal detergent and disinfectant perfumes disappear sooner than desired. Country Garden is a super-strong perfume concentrate which is spirit based. It has a pleasing floral fragrance which lingers for many hours, even days.

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