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Ostrich Feather Duster Australia

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Your search for a genuine Ostrich feather duster in Australia ends at Crystal White. Our feather dusters are designed to entrap dust and ensure a thorough clean. The feather gently cleans surfaces, furnishings and electrical appliances without damaging them.

The sturdy extension handles allow the user to clean areas that are located at a specific height. If you have large surface areas to clean, then nothing will give you the precise cleaning results as offered by the Ostrich feather duster.


No1: Total length is 60cm and Feather Length 24cm Approx
No 4: Total length is 66cm and Feather Length 28cm Approx
No 5 Extendable: Handle Total Length is 136cm and Feather Length 34cm Approx
No 6: Total Length is 72cm and Feather Lenght 32cm Approx
No 8: Total Lenght is 79cm and Feather Lenght 34cm Approx
No 10: Total Length is 90cm and Feather length 36cm Approx
No10 Extendable: Handle Total length is 142cm and Feather Length 37cm Approx
Dust King: Handle Total length is 92cm and Feather Length 36cm Approx
Dust King Extendable: Handle Total length is 142cm and Feather Length 36cm Approx

    Need expert advice in selecting the right cleaning supply? Our staff at Crystal White have wealth of knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry. We help customers identify the right cleaning tools and equipment that will help them get a better result.

    What Makes Our Feather Duster In Australia The Best Cleaning Product For You?

      • The feather duster does not shed, this ensures our customers that they are investing in the right cleaning products without compromising on the quality.
      • The strong, wispy feather filaments hold dust properly and leave the surface dust-free.
      • The lightweight Ostrich feather duster works gently on all types of surfaces whether strong or delicate.

    For scratch-free surface cleaning, choose our Ostrich feather duster in Australia. If you have any questions, contact us via e-mail at