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Agar Drive Away Engine Grease and Oil Degreaser 5Lt

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  • DRIVE AWAY is a powerful, hydrocarbon based cleaner which readily attacks and dissolves engine grease and oil. The detergent ingredients then emulsify the oil and enable it to be washed away with water or steam. DRIVE AWAY actively removes oil and grease from engines, machinery, tools,concrete parking bays, driveways and workshop floors.
  • Application:  Please follow these directions carefully to get the best result. Dilute Drive Away to 1 in 4 (for each 1Lt of Drive Away and 3Lt of cold Water). First wet the concrete around the stains with water than pour the Drive Away solution onto the soil stain and leave in place for atleast 7 minutes (note brushing is NOT required). Rinse off with running water or mop up the solution for disposal to sewer.
  • Contains:  Aliphatic Hydrocabons greater then 60%, Aromatic Hydrocabons less then 30% and Nonionic Detergent less then 10%.