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Glokleen 5Lt

Increases gloss, Improves durability & wear, Removes scratches, Increases slip resistance Improves black heel mark resistance. The blend of waxes and polishes used in Glokleen facilitate easy burnishing, increase gloss and slip resistance. 

    Glokleen is a multipurpose neutral cleaner-maintainer for use on sealed and unsealed floors. Glokleen combines the detergent technology of Tempo HD and a blend of waxes and polishes to replenish and repair the surface of floor sealers damaged during daily wear. 

    Application:  Mop & Buckets: 17mL/L of water Apply GLOKLEEN to the floor by mop and bucket at the correct dilution to clean and maintain floor. GLOKLEEN should be used once or twice a week to restore and rejuvenate sealed floors.

    Contains: Ingredients deemed not to be hazardous to 100%