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GoodBye Graffiti Remover 500g, 1Lt or 15Lt

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  • GOODBYE GRAFFITI is a dark brown liquid with a mild citrus odour.
  • It is based on a blend of low odour, low toxicity solvents, which combined with a unique activating agent, effectively removes graffiti quickly with a minimum of risk to the operator. 
  • GOODBYE GRAFFITI is used specifically for the removal of graffiti from all surfaces. These include brickwork (painted and unpainted), concrete, various types of metals (galvanised, aluminium and steel) as well as timber surfaces.
  • Due to the quick action of GOODBYE GRAFFITI even graffiti on painted surfaces can be removed effectively without causing undue damage to the paint

APPLICATION: Apply to a DRY surface using a brush or broom. Allow 2-3 minutes contact time, then high pressure rinse off with cold water. 

Contains:  Benzyl Alcohol 30 - 60%, D-Limonene 10 - 30%, Non ionic surfactant less than 10%,  Ethanol 10 - 30% and Potassium Hydroxide less than 10%