Oates Griddle Holder, Pads and Screens

Style: Oates Griddle Holder
Sale price$24.20


Griddle Holder

Plastic, heat resistant trowel handle holder, similar to steel but in plastic able to resist up to 200°C. Has moulded-in hooks beneath the plate to grab and hold the griddle pad.

Griddle Screens 20 Pack

Open mesh abrasive screen that removes burned-on foods and grease quickly and efficiently. Use together with the griddle pad which is inserted between the griddle screen and the pad holder. 

Griddle Pads 20 Pack

Oates Hot plate cleaning system allows you to remove all that built up grime from hot plates from commercial kitchens to back yard BBQs. It can be used with a pad alone or with griddle screen for extra tough jobs.

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