M3L MotorScrubber Powerful, Lightweight & Battery Operated

Size: Cordless Motor Scrubber Complete Kit
Sale price$1,658.50


MotorScrubber M3L Video Link: Click Here

The original MotorScrubber. A small machine with big power designed for small, hard-to-reach areas.

  • 3x faster scrubbing than manual methods.
  • 360rpm drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour.
  • Plug and go!
  • Powerful high torque M10 Motor delivers 10,000 rpm, geared to 360rpm.
  • 100% waterproof (guidelines apply).

Upto 3.5 hours hour runtime (Charge Time - Up to 4 Hours) gives the freedom to clean anywhere. Fully adjustable, lightweight, padded backpack fits any user.s any user.

 Kit Includes:

  1. Motorhead complete with hub.
  2. Backpack harness.
  3. 12volt battery and charger.
  4. Telescopic handle 120cm – 240cm.
  5. Medium duty brush.
  6. Pad holder.
  7. 1 X Black Scrubbing Pad.
  8. 1 X Red Cleaning Pad.
  9. 1 X White Buffing Pad.
  10. 1 X Microfibre Pad.

MotorScrubber Weight 2.5KG.

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