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Concrete Paint Stripping Gel Melbourne

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Our concrete paint stripper is widely used to remove paint, sealers and coating of epoxy from various interior and exterior surfaces. At Crystal White, we offer a convenient and easy to apply stripping gel formulation that can be easily cleaned up with just water and soap.

Whether you are dealing with a concrete surface or a masonry surface, our gel works on all types of verticals as well as horizontal surfaces. Being a high-performance paint stripping gel,it offers many industrial and commercial applications. If you need to remove layers of paint or varnishes, our gel will make your job easy and simple.

  • A thick paint stripper for general purpose work and stripping old furniture. 
  • This will work on oil based paint on wood surfaces. 
  • This is a general purpose paint stripper, with a thin gel consistency, designed for most paints.
  • Our Paint Stripper Gel is formulated to be used on furniture, wood and concreteonly.
  • This product is strong enough to peel away the paint without damaging the underlying materials.
  • Being a thin paint stripping gel allows this product to be used by painting onto the surface, or with an airless sprayer for larger areas.
  • The gel consistency allows for a better cling time than a watery liquid.
  • This extra cling time gives our product time for the active compounds to break through and lift the paint.
  • Once done, the surface can be wiped clean, or rinsed off with water.

Coverage: Use 1 litre of Paint Stripper Gel onto 1 to 4 square meters of painted surface.

Contains:  Methylene Chloride greater than 60% and Methanol 10 - 30%

If you want to buy a paint stripper online, choose the services of Crystal White. Our stripper gels have comparatively low toxicity levels as compared to other products. This safe, water-based coating is pH neutral has a low odour and is non-carcinogenic.

To place your order for paint stripping in Melbourne, call us on 03 9383 2646.