Research Products Power Plus 10Kg Stain Remover

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Odour: None

Booster, brightener, and stain remover developed specially for use on white or light-coloured cut pile and Berber style carpets, both wool and synthetic. The ability to remove stains and carpet dulling in traffic lanes is greatly improved by adding POWER PLUS with SURGE when pre-spraying. To enhance the effectiveness, use with hot water, up to 80 degrees for synthetics and 70 degrees for wool. It is compatible for use with truck mount machinery and portable extraction machines while pre-spraying. Ensure that carpet is evenly sprayed for maximum effectiveness.

  • Brightens light and coloured carpets making them appear near new.
  • Will not damage carpet fibres when recommended dilutions are followed.
  • Eliminates the need for double passing in some cases reducing labour time.
  • Removes “soap scum” and old detergent residues already in the carpet.
  • Oxygenates fibres, killing bacteria and odours.

Application: Pre-spraying

  1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
  2. Prepare the pre-spray solution as directed.
  3. Pre-spray the carpet to be cleaned paying special attention to high traffic or heavily soiled areas. DO NOT saturate carpet. Make sure carpet is consistently wet.
  4. Allow pre-spray to remain on the carpet for 3–5 minutes. Always work on a manageable area and DO NOT let pre-spray dry before extracting.
  5. Extract the carpet with water and allow drying.


Normal soil: 40g (2 measuring caps) per 8Lt of hot water.

Heavy soil: 60g (3 measuring caps) per 8Lt of hot water.

In Tank: 40 g per Litre of hot water.

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