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Research Products Trusty 500ml Carpet Cleaner (Pre-Spray)

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Rust Remover from the carpet 

    Carpet SPOTTING Application:

    1. Use NEAT – do not dilute
    2. Pre-test before use. Apply Trusty in an inconspicuous area and cover with a clean white towel. Leave for 5 minutes and check the towel for colour transfer. If no colour transfer then proceed with cleaning.
    3. Blot excess liquid or remove solid soils before cleaning.
    4. Using a trigger spray apply Trusty to the outside edge of the stain. DO NOT oversaturate carpet.
    5. Work product towards the middle of the stain with a clean white towel. DO NOT spread the stain by scrubbing with a sponge.
    6. Leave the product to remain on the stain for 2 minutes.
    7. Using a clean, wet, white towel blot the treated area.
    8. Repeat the process until no more soil is transferred to the towel.
    9. Rinse extracted or neutralised the treated area with cold water and blot or extract (If required apply a small amount of Browning Treatment to reduce final trace of dye).
    10. Repeat above until all stain is removed.