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Sampson Shower Shiner Environmentally Friendly Shower Cleaner

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Environmentally Friendly Shower Cleaner

Ultra-Biodegradable Surfactants

Removes Soap Scum Easily

Removes Mineral Deposits

Organic Acid Based

Contains Natural Citrus Solvent


This shower cleaner is a very environmentally friendly, organic acid-based shower cleaner. Utilising an ultra-biodegradable surfactant system with the power of citrus solvent and organic acids it will clean off soap scum and mineral deposits fast and easily, leaving a pleasant, natural smelling perfume. The results are so good you will be amazed!!!


Application: For very heavily soiled surfaces liberally apply undiluted with a swab or rag, to the surface you are cleaning Allow to stand for one minute and rinse off thoroughly Very heavily soiled conditions repeating the above may be necessary. Use of a soft scourer may also help for regular maintenance and for clean surfaces.


Contains: 1-10 Glycollic Acid, 1-10 Sulfonic Acid, 1-10 Sulfuric Acid, C13-C17 Sec Alkane, Sodium Salt, Mono C12-C18 Alkyl Esters, and Sodium Salt