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Sorbo Quick Silver 3X4 Channel with Rubber 5"/13cm to 30"/75cm

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  • The QUICKSILVER3X4 Adjustable wide-body squeegee with its patented four settings is our most durable model.
  • It has 40 degree diagonally angled ends (and 90° ends on 10″ and shorter sizes) which prevent the tip of the alloy from coming into contact with the frame surrounding the window.
  • It cleans closer to the frame leaving less water and reaches into the corners. It is perfectly suited for the S-technique.
  • The squeegee rubber is secured with two exterior end clips. The adjustment slots or settings in the Sörbo 3X4 Adjustable squeegee channel allow you to reposition the rubber/blade to the preferred firmness. For 36″ squeegee set rubber to 2nd adjustment.
  • Accompanied with the Sörbo Fast Release handle, Item 1385, you have a 40° angle and when the 3X4 Adjustable squeegee is flipped and secured into a backward position, it has a 5° angle.
  • In order to prevent streaks on the window, lead with the top of the squeegee. Sörbo invented this revolutionary wide body squeegee longer than 24″ and up to 36″ in 1986.