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Spitfire Advanced (Pre-Spray) 5Lt

As a pre-spray it is suitable for use on regular and new low profile style carpets and upholstery to remove greasy, stubborn stains. Suitable for wool, wool blend and olefin and satin treated nylon fibre carpets. SPITFIRE ADVANCED rinses freely and allows more dirt and greasy soil to be removed leaving it fresh and brilliantly clean.

Application – Prepare the Pre-Spray as Directed:Medium soil 1 part of Spitfire Advanced in 30 parts of water and heavy soil 1 part of Spitfire Advanced in 20 parts of water. This product can be used with warm or hot water 65-90C

Contains: Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid less than 7%, Alcohols, C12-15, ethoxylated less than 4%, Oleyl alcohol, ethoxylate & phosphate less than 4%, 2-Butoxyethano less then 10% and Other Various non hazardous ingredients less then 10%