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Supastar Polished or Sealed Floor Cleaner 5Lt

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Floor cleaner ideal for maintaining sealed floors. Formulated for use on delicate surfaces including marble, terrazzo and slate, it is also the ideal cleaner for polished timber floors offering a streak free finish. 

Application:Light Duty Cleaning 1 part of Supastar in 80 parts of Water, Medium Duty Cleaning 1 part of Supastar in 40 parts of Water and Heavy-Duty Cleaning 1 part of Supastar in 20 parts of Water. Spray and Wipe 1 part of Supastar in 10 parts of water.

Contains: Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid less than 10%, Diethanolamine less than 5%, Diethanolamine cocoate less than 1% and Other Various non-hazardous ingredients less than 5%.