Advance Chemicals Thunder Down Under Vomit Cleaner 4Kg

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Odour: Pleasant

The Advance Chemicals Thunder Down Under Vomit Cleaner is designed to quickly remove vomit while effectively sanitising and deodorising the area. This powder neutraliser absorbs liquids and kills bacteria, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. It's the perfect solution for keeping your environment clean and hygienic.

The masking perfume of THUNDER DOWN UNDER covers nasty vomit odours. A quaternary ammonium disinfectant stops the growth of odour intensifying bacteria which may also be infectious.

The THUNDER DOWN UNDER granules absorb the vomit liquid, so the mess is easily swept up and disposed of. It is suitable for use in cars, buses Trains, schools, hotels, hospital theatres, and homes.

THUNDER DOWN UNDER is a quick and east solution to a messy problem. 

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