Agar CM-X Concrete Remover

Size: 5Lt
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Odour: Mild Acid Odour

CM-X concrete remover master cleaner is based on an organic-salt complex which is milder than straight hydrochloric acid and It is a low-odour, powerful descaler and remover for concrete, rust, limescale and mortar splashes from a variety of hard surfaces. It is an excellent brick cleaner and also dissolves splashes and cement dust from concrete mixing trucks and machinery.

Application:  Dilute to between 1 in 10 parts of water and 1 in 3 parts of water. Apply manually with a broom to a dry surface. Pour or Brush solution onto concrete and leave in contact for 2 – 7 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

Contains:  Urea Hydrochloride 30 – 60 % and Hydrochloric Acid Less Than 5%.

Why Do You Need a Cement And Concrete Remover?

CM-X cement and concrete remover act quickly by dissolving concrete and limescale. The remover consists of corrosion inhibitors that further remove both rust and hard-water scale. This product is ideal for oily surfaces and produces lesser odour as compared to other products. When the remover dissolves the lime component, it results in water-soluble salts.

The product is:

  • Biodegradable.
  • Non-Corrosive.
  • Acts Quickly.
  • Works on bricked and acid-resistant hard surfaces.

How Does The Cement Remover Chemical Works?

The acid-based chemical penetrates quickly and dissolves cement deposits from bulk areas. Being a non-flammable and biodegradable chemical, it is much safer to use on cement, bauxite and limewash surfaces.

At Crystal White, you can find easy to apply and use cement and concrete remover solutions. Feel free to talk to our industry experts and get the best product recommendation.

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