Agar Galley 2 Machine Dish Powder

Size: 1Kg
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Odour: Faint chlorine odour.

Commercial strength dishwash powder for automatic ware wash machines. Chlorinated and boosted with powerful cleaning agents. Galley 2 will remove all food residues without harming surfaces.

Main Benefits

  • GALLEY2 is fully biodegradable.
  • GALLEY2 dissolves readily.
  • GALLEY2 gives sparkling, hygienically clean dishes and glasses.

Product Use

GALLEY2 is an industrial strength dishwash powder for use in dishwashing MACHINES in restaurants, hotels, canteens and cafeterias.

GALLEY2 is a high-performance detergent that gives excellent cleaning of dishes, glasses and cutlery. It is a chlorinated powder that dissolves easily and releases powerful cleaning agents to remove all.

food residues without harming surfaces.

GALLEY2 cleans dishes and leaves them sparkling and streak-free, hygienically sanitised, and odour-free, all in one operation. The water-softening agents prevent scaling in the machine and keep the jets system clear. Note: Polished or anodised coloured aluminium ware, lead crystal and hand painted ceramic may be affected by machine dishwashing – please follow manufacturer’s directions for washing these items.

Application GALLEY2 is safe in all dishwashing machines.

Pack dishes in racks so that the food contact surfaces face the water spray.

Manual Powder Addition Fill machine to correct level with hot water (60 - 70ºC). The quantity of GALLEY2 to be used is calculated on the basis of 3-5 grams of GALLEY2 per litre of water. Add correct quantity of GALLEY2 while machine is agitating, allow a minute for it to dissolve, then commence washing cycle. Add more GALLEY2 at regular intervals; half a cup per tray is about right.

Automatic Powder Dispensers Begin by adding 2-3 cups of GALLEY2 to the tank then feed GALLEY2 through powder dispensing equipment fitted to the machine.

Small Automatic Machines Add GALLEY2 to dispenser unit inside door of machine. Use quantity recommended by machine manufacturer.

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