Agar Super Nova Floor Sealer

Size: 5Lt
Sale price$85.00


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SUPER NOVA is a super-glossy, rock-hard sealer that is so tough and mark-resistant that it holds its shine even without buffing, yet it will respond well to being buffed.

Main Benefits

  • Is made with innovative polymer technology to form a tough film that holds its shine even without buffing.
  • Will not discolour.
  • Is non-slip.
  • Will dramatically lift the standard of shine on floors that receive minimal maintenance.
  • Is designed to save time and money.

Product Use

SUPER NOVA is a non-slip sealer for vinyl, sealed timber and terrazzo floors. Because it repels scuffs, scratches and traffic marks and lasts exceptionally well, SUPER NOVA is ideal for use on floors that are not buffed. In fact, floors can be maintained without a buffing machine when SUPER NOVA is used.

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