Agar Tango Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Size: 500ml Empty Bottle
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Odour: Fruity-Floral

TANGO is a fresh scented Hospital Grade Disinfectant with a powerful cleaning action that leaves surfaces disinfected, clean and perfumed with a lingering floral-fruit fragrance. TANGO is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls, sinks, baths, toilets, tiled areas and fittings.

Key Benefits

  • Hospital-grade disinfectant at 1:10.
  • Commercial-grade disinfectant at 1:50.
  • Chemically destroys odours at the source.
  • Strong essential oils for long-lasting fragrance.


For heavy soil and Hospital Grade disinfection

Dilute TANGO to 1 in 10 with water. Pre-clean the surface with detergent to remove heavy and contaminated soil. Apply the TANGO solution by spray gun or mop, leave wet for a few minutes then rinse.

For low to medium soil and Commercial Grade disinfection

Dilute TANGO to 1 in 50 with water. This is 200ml per 10L wringer bucket of water. Apply this solution to the surface and wipe or scrub clean. Rinse with water or leave surface damp.

Do not mix TANGO with soap, detergents, or other chemicals. This may deactivate the disinfectant action.

Hard surface disinfectant only. Not to be used on skin.

Diluted solutions, which have been placed into a clean, dry bottle and sealed, can be stored for up to 12 months. Bottles should be labelled with the fill date.

Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride 3.0%m/v and Nonionic Detergents 5 – 15%.

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