Citrus Resources Honeydew 5Lt Hand Wash and Shower Gel

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Odour: Apricot / Honey.

All over hand wash can also be used as a shower gel substitute. Vanilla acts as a natural deodorant while natural honey’ restores skin. Suitable for most skin types and chapping and can be used for domestic or heavy-duty commercial applications. Also fantastic for use after food preparation as it removes strong odours such as garlic, seafood and onions. Contains natural citrus oils and vanilla. 

  • Natural heavy-duty cleaning action.
  • Provides all over cleanliness leaving skin feeling velvet soft.
  • Concentrated economical formulation.
  • Deodorises eliminating the need for harsh antiseptics.
  • Suitable for use on sensitive skin.
  • Multi-purpose applications. 

Suitable Hand Soap Dispenser:
Click to see more details: SDH12SABC-57300TF10, and DSDR0001.

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