Clean Plus Lu Blu Portable Toilet Sanitiser

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Odour: Bubblegum fragrance.

Clean Plus LU BLU is a powerful antibacterial toilet sanitiser that is also a highly active cleaner that neutralises and destroys odours at the source in portable toilets. LU BLU work with any brand or system type, both in fresh and salt water. Ideal for motorhomes, caravans, buses, marine, camping, building sites and outdoor venues.

  • Heavy-duty cleaner, deodoriser.
  • Kills germs and odours.
  • Saves water usage.
  • Works with all brands and system types.

Directions For Use:

Water Fed Toilets:

Add water at the suggested dosage below to the cleaning holding tanks prior to adding LU BLU.

Add LU BLU directly into cleaning holding tanks at the following rates:

  • Holding Tank Size 20L, Additional Water 3-4L LU BLU Dose 30-40ml 50L.
  • Holding Tank Size 50L Additional Water 7.5-10L LU BLU Dose 80-100ml.

For recirculating water toilets/systems use double the LU BLU dosage.

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