Diversey Suma Break Up HD Kitchen Degreaser

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Heavy duty degreaser and aluminium safe


Super - concentrated high-performance cleaner / degreaser for food contact and other surfaces.  Cuts through dirt, grime, soap scum and animal proteins, fats, oils, blood and grease on hard surfaces.

Features and benefits

Removes Protein, Animal Fats and Grease in One Application: Cleans fast and easy without hard scrubbing.

Save Cleaning Time: Cuts labour costs cleans even hard-to-clean grouting and is free-rinsing.

Versatile: Can be used in multiple cleaning methods (foaming, spraying, mopping, etc.) reducing the need for several specialty cleaners. Cleans many surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic and tile.

Easy to use: Product and label are color-coded making employee training easier

Directions for use

Foam Cleaning: Using foam end attachment, D3.5 spray hot foam liberally on all surfaces. Allow foam to cling to surfaces for at least five minutes, but do not allow foam to dry. Scrub surfaces as necessary. To avoid food contamination, rinse all surfaces with potable water.

Floor Cleaning: Sweep floors as necessary. Fill mop bucket with hot water to desired level. Take 100 ml of product to make 1% solution in 10 lt water. Mop floor and scrub all surfaces as necessary. Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

From Dispenser: Fill sink with hot water to desired level. Clean items with brush ® or sponge as necessary. Prepare 1% solution by taking 100 ml Suma Break-Up HD in 10 lt of hot water in sink. Clean items with a brush or sponge and allow to penetrate soil at least for five minutes. To avoid food contamination, rinse all surfaces with potable water.

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