Gentility Ultraslim Hand Towel 11.50 X 24cm Half Cut for Kids Hand

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Gentility Ultraslim Hand Towel is the ideal size for kids. At 11.50cm X 24cm, it's half-cut to fit comfortably in kids hands. It's lightweight yet durable, perfect for everyday use.

Forest Stewardship Council, FSC C163287 Mix Source, supporting responsible forestry.
  • Size: 11.50cm x 24cm.
  • Folded Sheet Size: 11.50cm x 6cm.
  • Packs: 32 X 150 Sheets.
  • Box Quantity: 4800 Interleaved Hand Towel.
  • Product Code: AC-2299H.

Suitable Interleaved Hand Towel Dispenser:
Click to see more details: DPILW, and Black DPILBDPDR0016.

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