MSJET3 MotorScrubber Powerful, Lightweight & Battery Operated

Option: Cordless Motor Scrubber Complete Kit
Sale price$2,059.75


MotorScrubber MSJet3 Video Link: Click Here

Spray On Demand - The low water, easy dose system with super concentrate chemicals means you never overuse or waste solution. Solution is delivered through the high-pressure pump directly to the scrubbing head, breaking down dirt and grime.

Controlled jet stream for enhanced cleaning efficiency. With its compact size and added spray function, JET3 allows you to deep clean and release ingrained dirt from any surface.

The original MotorScrubber. A small machine with big power designed for small, hard-to-reach areas.

3x faster scrubbing than manual methods.

360rpm drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour.

Plug and go!

Powerful high torque M10 Motor delivers 10,000 rpm, geared to 360rpm.

100% waterproof (guidelines apply).

Upto 3.5 hours hour runtime (Charge Time - Up to 4 Hours) gives the freedom to clean anywhere. Fully adjustable, lightweight, padded backpack fits any user.

Pump Open Flow 5 Litre min / 1.3 Gal min

Pump Pressure 7.9 Bar / 116 PSI

Kit Includes:

  1. Motorhead complete with hub.
  2. Backpack harness.
  3. 12volt battery and charger.
  4. Telescopic handle 120cm – 240cm.
  5. Medium duty brush.
  6. Pad holder.
  7. 1 X Black Scrubbing Pad.
  8. 1 X Red Cleaning Pad.
  9. 1 X White Buffing Pad.
  10. 1 X Microfibre Pad.

MotorScrubber Weight 2.5KG.

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