Oates Triple Action Flat Mop Set

Variants: Complete Set
Sale price$39.50


Oates Complete Three in One - Sweep, Mopping and Finishing with ease with one compact unit. Ideal for cleaning smooth tiled surfaces and polished timber floors without chemicals solutions.

Complete Set Include the following:

  • Extendable handle & swivel head
  • Sweeping Pad Refill: 1 X Sweeping Pad
  • Microfiber Mop Refill: 1 X Mopping Pad
  • Finishing Cloth Refill: 5 X Finishing Pads


The orange dust pad attracts dust, dirt, hair and fine particles. A great alternative to a broom, for best results rub the orange pad to create a static charge prior to each use.

2. MOP

The blue microfibre mop pad effectively grips and lifts stubborn dirt and grime. Simply dampen the pad and use on smooth floor surfaces. Rinse microfibre pad when visibly soiled to avoid particle build-up for an effective clean.

3. DRY

The multi-fit cloths are ideal for drying your floors after mopping or can be used for quick clean ups from spills and other messes. For good hygiene practise, these cloths can be thrown out after use.

Product Code: Code EV-001

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