Oates Swifty Electrostatic Telescopic Broom

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This electrostatic telescopic broom is suited to all rooms and outdoor tile surfaces. The thick rubber bristles and electrostatic properties make removing hair, dirt, mould, and algae around the home easy!

  • Attracts And Traps Dirt and Hair

The electrostatic properties in the rubber bristles move easily across surfaces attracting and gathering dirt, pet hair and surface particles easily, leaving your home clean!

  • Removes Mould and Algae

Medium stiff rubber bristles scrub off mould and algae from bathroom and pool tiles leaving every inch of your home sparkling clean.

  • Water Removal

The long blade acts as a squeegee allowing you to remove water from window and tile surfaces.

All Purpose The Electrostatic Telescopic Broom is suitable to all rooms of your home and outdoor tile surfaces.

Ideal For Pets This broom is ideal if you're a pet owner, allowing you to remove pet hair from your floors quickly and efficiently.

Telescopic Handle Able to extend to 1.38 metres for those tough to reach places, ensure all areas of your home are left spotless.

Broom Size: 32 x 6 x 138

Product Code: BR-205H

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