Premium Organic Scent Car Air Fresheners

Scent: Summer Breeze
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Car air fresheners have become increasingly popular thanks to their ability to fill your vehicle with a pleasing scent that gives an appearance of high level of cleanliness. With an organic car air freshener, you can not only make your car smell beautiful but can also adjust the intensity of the smell in your vehicle.

There are a large number of different organic air fresheners in the market but at Crystalwhite, you can find the right car air freshener for your requirements.

The best part is that organic car air fresheners doesn’t only have to be used in vehicles. They can also be used in smoking areas, bathrooms and areas where there are multiple pets. An organic air freshener can easily eliminate any odours in the air automatically enhancing the ambience in a given setting.

Most car air fresheners last up to 60 days based on the level of intensity. The intensity of an organic car air freshener can be regulated, simply by turning the cap.

If you need high quality and effective organic air fresheners at an affordable rate, then reach out to Crystalwhite today.

We stock a wide variety of organic car air fresheners, that can easily fulfil your requirements.

  • Made in France
  • Long Lasting Up To 60 Days Car Air Freshener
  • For use in homes, auto, smoking areas, bathrooms, pet areas and anywhere fragrance is desired.

Instruction: Take the plastic cap off. Pull the lap and remove the metal cap of the can. Put the plastic can on. Adjust the intensity of the smell by the cap regulator. Use the product in vertical position only.

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