Research Products Grease Release Carpet Cleaner (Pre-Spray)

Size: 500ml
Sale price$16.59


Download-Safety Data Sheet

  • Grease, Ink and paint remover.
  • Specialised high performance multi-purpose spotter used for removing oily or tar like stains from carpets and clothing prior to extraction cleaning or washing.
  • Some inks, most paints and latex adhesives and chewing gum are softened allowing them to be scraped free.


Carpet Use Neat (undiluted)

  • Blot area working from the outside edge of the stain towards the centre. Blot residues with a clean white towel to rinse, or extract to remove residue. 

Pen Graffiti Use Neat (undiluted)

  • Test in an inconspicuous area to ensure surface compatibility. 2. Apply and immediately agitate with cloth or brush and wipe off. 

Clothing Use Neat (undiluted)

  • Prior to laundering apply to collars, cuffs, grease and ink stains then launder in the normal manner. 

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