Starbag AF201S Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Synthetic Material | 5 Layers of Fabric | High Filtration | Longer Lasting | Rubber Membrane.

Suitable For:

  • ELECTROLUX CLARIO Z1900-22095, 27510-27549,27574,ZP 35, 22010-22060, ULTRA SILENCER 23320-23395, ZUS3300-ZUS3399, ULTRA SILENCER GREEN ZUSG3000 & ZUSG3900OXYGEN 25000-25695 25900-25995, OXYGEN+ 27320-27399, OXY3 Z06310-706360, SMART VAC Z5000-Z5695EXCELLIO 25000-Z5295, ULTRAONE 28800-78882 Z8821P, Z8871P, AIRMAX ZAM6100-ZAM6199 ZE305SC, ZE310,ZE320, ZE330 ZE340, ZE350, ERGO SPACE ZE2200-ZE2274, ERGO SPACE GREEN ZEG300-ZEG355, VIVA CONTROL ZV1010-ZV1050, VIVA QUICKSTOP ZV02100-ZVQ2135, MAXIMUS ZXM7015-ZXM7035, SUPER PRO Z6160.
  • PHILLIPS HR8500-8599HR6999FC9054,9154, MOBILO, EXPRESSION, SYDNEY, HR8331,8514,8532, 8500-8599, FC9154, FC9054, JEWEL.
  • WERTHEIM 5030,5035,6030.

 Box of 5 Bags.

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