Tasman Chemicals Brilliant Dish and Glass Washing Detergent 15Lt

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BRILLIANT Dish and Glass washing detergent is a pale amber liquid based on a blend of heavy-duty alkaline detergents combined with soil suspending agents, anti-scaling components and a stabilised chlorine de-staining agent.

Application:  BRILLIANT is dosed automatically through the dispensing unit and maintained at a concentration of 1 - 2 gm /litre. Operating temperature is normally between 75 - 80°C. BRILLIANT should always be used in conjunction with SPOT-FREE (Rinse Aid) to ensure all washed articles are completely clean and dry.

Contains:  Diphosphoric Acid, Tetrapotassium Salt 1 - 10%, Potassium hydroxide 10 - 60%, Sodium Hypochlorite 1 - 10% and Ingredients determined to be non-hazardous Balance.

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