Tasman Chemicals Execute Residual Insecticide

Size: 4Lt
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Spiders | Mosquitos | Ants | Fleas | Cockroaches | Sliver Fish | Moths | Wasps

EXECUTE Residual Insecticide is a long-lasting residual insecticide specifically formulated to control crawling insects in both domestic and industrial applications.

Spray EXECUTE Residual Insecticide directly onto insects for fast kill or spray onto surfaces.

for up to two months barrier protection from crawling insects. Spray walls, windows, and

ceilings paying particular attention to areas where insects aggregate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Food Industry “Fit for Purpose “approved for meat export establishments.
  • APVMA registered as barrier protection and knockdown fly spray.
  • Provides two months barrier protection on hard surfaces against crawling insects.
  • Low mammalian toxicity.
  • EXECUTE Residual Insecticide contains one of the most effective residual insecticides known today.

Contains: 10 g/L Permethrin 25:75, Solvent 790 g/L Liquid Hydrocarbon.

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