Essential Safety tips to be followed while storing and handling Cleaning Chemicals

It is important to have a strict protocol in the storage and management of commercial cleaning supplies in the commercial cleaning business. More often than not, the improper storage of cleaning chemicals leads to unsafe workplaces and pose a threat to the safety of your team handling them in their day-to-day work.

Routine checks for proper storage and continuous training on proper handling of commercial cleaning chemicals and supplies are crucial to smooth business operations, besides keeping your workplace safe and clean. 

Here are a few tips that we believe are essential to storing and handling commercial cleaning chemicals and supplies. 

A Cleaning Chemicals Safety Program is Essential

Having a system in place for proper handling and storage of cleaning chemicals is a great starting point to ensuring safety at the workplace. The commercial cleaning supplies safety program should include the following:

● An exhaustive list of commercial cleaning chemicals used at the facility.

● Each of the products is provided with clear documentation of potential hazards of the cleaning chemicals, and make sure to include a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each of them.

● All cleaning chemicals are labelled clearly, and there is no room for assumptions.

● All employees involved in handling and storing cleaning chemicals are properly trained, and resources are made available for quick lookups.

● Warning and safety signage should be incorporated at appropriate places in the facility. 

Staff Training on Cleaning Chemicals Safety Aspects

Providing documentation on hazards of commercial cleaning suppliers and cleaning chemicals isn't' the end of the story. Your staff need to be trained intensively on the nature of the various chemicals they handle and how to handle and store them.

 There shouldn't be any confusion about the risk factor levels of each cleaning chemical. Some are corrosive and flammable. Knowing which is which and how to handle them is integral to maintaining a safe working environment. All staff members must be trained to look for important 'signal words' that denotes crucial information on the cleaning chemicals containers, which include the following:

● Caution: the commercial cleaning supplies are to be used carefully but is somewhat safe.

● Warning: The cleaning chemical is mid-range toxic.

● Danger: A highly toxic product and has the potential to cause serious damage to skin and eyes.

Cleaning Chemicals Storage Location Choices

Along with cleaning chemicals handling training, your safety program should also include the prerequisites for a safe storage location. Some of these specifications for cleaning chemicals storage location should include:

● "Store in a cool, clean and dry space."

Since chemicals reactions tend to change with fluctuating temperatures, it is important to find a location that is dry and is not going to experience temperature changes drastically.

● "Store in ventilated areas".

Cleaning chemicals need breathing space, and the storage location should be away from HVAC intake vents as any fumes coming from the chemicals can get distributed to the entire building.

● "Store at eye levels."

Cleaning chemicals should always be stored at eye level heights and never on a top shelf where it lacks visibility.

● Always ensure to store commercial cleaning supplies and chemical containers in a neat and organised way without overcrowding. Incorporating anti-roll blocks is also advised to avoid any falling of containers.

Storage of Cleaning Chemicals Based on the Level of Potential Hazards they Cause

Even within storage spaces, effective organisation of cleaning chemicals is advised. With this, it is possible to prevent accidents and improve efficiency. Each commercial cleaning chemical comes with its hazard class' and storing products with similar hazard classes is advised.

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