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December 09, 2021

Carpet Cleaning supplies are integral to ensuring that the carpeting in your home is cleaned comprehensively. This is extremely crucial as using the right cleaning products in Dandenong can provide you with an extremely clean carpet, which in turn has positive impacts on your indoor air.

It is commonly believed that clean carpets cannot be equated with safe indoor air as there is a common perception regarding the adverse effects of carpet material against the overall air quality for the interior of your home. However, when using the right carpet cleaning chemicals, these problems are generally offset to a large degree allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds where you can carpet your entire home and not have to worry about the declining quality of air indoors.

Carpets actually are quite capable of trapping particles that normally float around in the air. Through gravity, any particles such as pollen, dust, or even pet dander tend to get attracted towards the carpet fibres. These carpet fibres then go on ahead to trap the particles inside them, ensuring that they don't float around and affect any people in the vicinity. Essentially, the garbage is pulling in all the harmful allergens that could potentially be going into your lungs

Why then do carpets have such a bad reputation when it comes to mould and allergens?

The first misconception regarding carpets is the fact that people with allergies or asthmatic issues can suffer adverse effects from carpets as they will eventually lead to a build-up of these allergens in the fibres and start releasing these particles into the air. However, this is far from accurate as this perception does not include the usage of comprehensive carpet cleaning supplies. When an individual uses the right carpet cleaning chemicals, they can ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, effectively removing any of these allergens from the carpet and ensuring that the primary magnet for all these particles is cleaned in such a way that the individual has zero risk of breathing them in.

The second misperception regards to mould and other Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. Carpets are generally regarded as traps for mould and other VOCs. However, many individuals dismiss the simple fact that a carpet is made out of synthetic fibers. If an individual has used the right cleaning products in Dandenong, then they can ensure that the carpet is completely clean and dry. Under these circumstances, there will be a 0% chance of mould being able to grow on synthetic dry fibers. Furthermore, carpeting is recognized as an extremely low emitter of VOCs when compared to multiple other flooring choices and finishes.

Why does having a CLEAN carpet offset the indoor air quality problem?

Any individual who has placed a carpet in their home has a piece of furniture that acts similar to a giant filter. The carpet will trap and collect all types of pollutants that are floating around indoors and thanks to gravity, these pollutants do not return to the breathing zone once they adhere to the surface of the carpet. In other words, the allergens which could normally be floating in the air do not reach your lungs as they are trapped in the carpet. Unfortunately, carpets are rarely cleaned in most modern homes and after a certain point of time, the carpet fibres will be stuffed to the brim with dry soil and airborne pollutants. Similar to how a clogged furnace filter or air filter stops working, an uncleaned carpet will also not be able to provide these positive benefits

This is where carpet cleaning supplies play a big role. As mentioned earlier, a carpet can be similar to an air filter where when an air filter is clogged, the first course of action is to have it cleaned out. The same can be said for carpets where using the right carpet cleaning chemicals can ensure that your carpet is once again in a state to trap these airborne pollutants and keep the allergens away from breathing areas. When investing in the right cleaning products in Dandenong, you can significantly improve your indoor air quality and remove any harmful pollutants simply by getting your carpets cleaned. Furthermore, a clean carpet will also look visually and aesthetically pleasing thereby improving the interior décor of your home.