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Commercial Soap Dispensers, Australia Wide Delivery

An important part of our service is supporting the operators of cleaning businesses that are servicing bathrooms and toilets, as well as providing hand-washing facilities for industrial sites. For many of these operations, it is important to have functional, durable and reliable commercial soap dispensers. Most of these dispensers will experience some vigorous use over time and it is vital they are manufactured to a high standard for health and hygiene purposes. This is why the importance and necessity of a well-functioning hand soap dispenser cannot be understated. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, a hand soap dispenser is necessary for multiple people to be able to use soap in the most hygienic manner possible.

Easy Maintenance, Ultimate Hygiene

At Crystal White, we recognize that wall mounted soap dispensers need to be easily maintained with ease of accessibility for refills, without any issues associated with container lids and difficult locking mechanisms. If you are looking for the best wall mounted soap dispenser Australia has to offer then you should speak to us.

We have a wide range of hand soap dispensers for the bathroom. Whether your bathroom is in a commercial space or in a home, we can provide you with a hand soap dispenser that will be ideal for your purpose. You can be assured that when you get a hand soap dispenser for bathrooms from us, you will get a highly functional and easy to use hand soap dispenser that will last for a significantly longer time than anything else you can get in the market.

If you need a hand soap dispenser for the kitchen, then we can provide you with stylish dispensers that blend form and function in an almost seamless way. You can be assured that a hand soap dispenser for the kitchen will never have looked as good as the one you will buy from us.

Sanitizing Hand Soaps

We offer hand soaps and sanitisers suitable for a range of environments from standard bathrooms to food preparation environments, meeting OH&S requirements where appropriate. For industrial environments, we offer a powerful soap that will clean thoroughly using a corn meal scrubbing agent to achieve a deep clean without damaging the skin or impacting the environment. It features glycerin and wheat germ oil to hydrate the skin, keeping it healthy, smooth and firm, as well as lime oil which gives it a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Commercial Soap Dispensers and More

At Crystalwhite, we can provide you with high quality and highly effective soap dispensers at affordable rates. So, if you need a hand soap dispenser for the bathroom or if you need a hand soap dispenser for the kitchen, then simply reach out to us and we will be happy to help you out.

To discuss your sanitation needs, call our team of cleaning supply professionals at Crystal White on (03) 9383 2646 today. We offer a seamless check out experience and fast delivery Australia wide.

Hand Soap Dispenser

The preference for a hand soap dispenser over bars of soap and hot air dryers can be seen quite clearly. When one installs a hand soap dispenser for bathrooms, then they are able to get a cleaning solution that helps them fully sanitise and disinfect their hands.


Why do I need a hand soap dispenser for the kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most mess-creating spaces in a modern home. You will often find your hands covered with spices and sauces and as such, need to constantly keep washing them so as to ensure that you don't spread the mess. Hand Towels are not particularly useful at this stage as each time you use the towel you only make it dirtier and have to keep getting it cleaned. When you install a hand soap dispenser for your kitchen, then you can instantly have your hands completely cleaned and sanitised at the push of a button.

Do I really need a hand soap dispenser for bathrooms?

Whether you are in a commercial building or in a residential home, you will undoubtedly need to wash your hands every time you use the bathroom. In these situations, a bar of soap is not particularly sanitary, as it may be used by multiple people. However, a hand soap dispenser changes this dynamic as you can simply place your hand in front of the dispenser and get the required soap for cleaning yourself. This is why it is practically impossible to go to any commercial building with high traffic and not find an automated hand soap dispenser for bathrooms.