Oates mop Altona is one of the longest running producers and providers of mops. For last 80 years, Oates has givenus range of over 500 mops and other cleaning products thathave been immensely popular and are a must have for both domestic and commercial cleaners alike. There is positively no trade off over the guaranteedquality to give to the customer durable and cost effective cleaning solutions.

Oates mop Altona goes through numerous quality testing processesto deliver the best quality to their clients. Theyoffer assortment of mops which are comprised of cotton yarns, polyester, polyester cotton yarns, polyester thick yarns, open end yarns, cotton open end yarns, mélange and coloured mélange yarns.

Having been a leading cleaning supplies provider across Australia and Oates mop Altona wholesaler and retailer, we know that there is no greater feeling than the one that comes after having completed all the cleaning chores in the house. Resting and unwinding on a peaceful, cheerful weekend at home with the family can turn into a nightmare if the house is messy and without the proper equipment, removing stains can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you,Oates mop Altona is a life saver. With world class quality and reliable performance, Oates mop Altona is perfect for all cleaning requirements for domestic, commercial as well as industrial application.

We at Crystal White acknowledge that our customers are the backbone of our business and consumer loyalty has always been the focus of our operations. Every one of our Oates mop Altona experts have this as a top priority and are dedicated to satisfy the client in the role they play. With transparent business practices and well-disposed methodology and quick turnaround time, we do everything possible to satisfy the clients who are associated with us.


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