Medicom SafeTouch Advance Guard Black Nitrile Gloves

Size: Small (100 gloves)
Sale price$10.17


The next generation of black nitrile gloves in Australia offers a combination of comfort and protection, premium gloves featuring an ergonomic design for reduced hand fatigue and stiffness.

  • Black Nitrile Gloves
  • Powder Free
  • Non Sterile
  • Single Use Only

" Medicom Trust in Quality - Like you, we never compromise. Our commitment is to help make the world safer and healthier by offering consistent, reliable protection. We use carefully selected materials and craft our products to offer protection you can count on. Medicom is dedicated to offering the best quality product available. We have been providing peace of mind to health care professionals for over 25 years. "

Why Go with Medicom Gloves?

At Crystal White, you can find a wide range of versatile, safe black nitro gloves designed for almost all types of workplaces. Whether you need gloves to maintain the highest cleanliness levels or to work with chemicals, our nitro gloves offer an array of safety applications. They prevent contamination and are highly comfortable to wear all day long.

Our nitrile gloves in black are not only durable but provide extensive protection against accidents and scrapes that may occur in manufacturing units, warehouses or hospitality sectors. The puncture-resistant gloves can be used for industrial jobs as well.

How Can We Help?

Crystal White supplies disposable black nitrile gloves in Australia. We continue to add innovative and improved safety products to our unit. Whatever your workplace safety requirements are, we will be able to cater to your request and offer a cost-effective solution.

Browse our black nitro gloves online. They are a popular choice of our customers looking for robust safety solutions for their work sites.

Have a question? Feel free to speak to our experts.

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