Agar Acid Wash Rust, Scale and Lime Remover

Size: 5Lt
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ACID WASH is a concentrated rust, scale and lime remover, that is excellent for a wide range of descaling, de-rusting, and lime-removal applications.

 Key Benefits:

  • Very concentrated and economical to use.
  • Does not give off corrosive fumes.
  • A powerful deruster and descaler.
  • Excellent for removing excess grout from new ceramic tile floors.

Rust Removal:

  • Dilute Acid to 1 in 6 with water and brush onto surface. Leave in place 15 - 30 minutes then rinse off with cold water.

Descaling Dishwashing Machines:

  • Switch off the detergent dispenser pump/controller.
  • Fill the wash tank with water after closing the drain valve.
  • Add the ACID WASH to the water in the wash tank: Single stage or small machines - Add 350ml. Large machines - Add 1-2 litres
  • Start machine and recirculate the ACID WASH solution until visible scale build-up is removed.
  • If the solution does not contact all of the scale above the water line, scrub these surfaces with the wash-tank solution of ACID WASH. Wear gloves and safety glasses.
  • Open or remove the drain valve.
  • Close or replace drain valve and refill the machine with clean water and recirculate for 2 to 3 minutes then drain again.
  • Close or replace drain valve and refill with clean water. Switch on the detergent dispenser and recirculate the wash tank water for 5 minutes.
  • Open or remove the drain valve to drain the solution. The machine is now ready to resume dishwash.


Contains:  Phosphoric acid 20 - 30%, Sulfamic Acid, Phosphonic Acid, Nonionic Surfactant less than 5% and Other non-hazardous ingredients to 100%.

Caution: ACID WASH and its solutions will etch and damage aluminum, zinc, diecast and other soft metal alloys as well as concrete, cement, terrazzo, limestone, and marble. ACID WASH must not be allowed to come into contact with these materials. If contact occurs accidentally, wash it off with plenty of water.

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