Agar Amsolve Food, Protien and Blood Stain Remover

Size: 500ml
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Odour: Strong Ammonia Odour.

AMSOLVE removes carpet stains caused by orange juice, soft drinks, wine, blood, and protein-based foodstuffs such as milk, egg, ice-cream and chocolate. It is also excellent for restoring traffic-soiled synthetic fibre carpets.

Key Benefits

  • Removes food and protein-based stains.
  • Brightens run-down synthetic carpets.

How Does It Work?

Certain types of stains will only dissolve in an alkaline, ammoniated solution. AMSOLVE is the product for this application. It contains ammonia, detergents, builders, and sequestering agents. These ingredients work at the level of nanoparticles to dissolve acidic and protein-based soils, thereby removing them from fibres.

For Use On…

AMSOLVE is a carpet stain remover for hard-to-shift spots and spills caused by orange juice, soft drinks, wine, blood and protein-based foodstuffs such as milk, egg, ice-cream and chocolate.

Also excellent for heavily rejuvenating traffic-soiled synthetic fibre carpets.


Carpet Spotting:

  • Absorb liquid spillages and scrape up or vacuum solid soilage before applying spotter.
  • Apply neat AMSOLVE from a spraygun directly onto the remaining stain or spot. Do not over-wet the carpet. Gently work the AMSOLVE into the stain working from the outside towards the centre. After allowing time to react, blot out the stain with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Alternatively, extract area with extraction detergent solution.
  • Always rinse, neutralise, or extract after spotting with AMSOLVE. Agar NEUTRALISER is good for this.
  • Results are always best when spillages are cleaned promptly.

Carpet Pre-Spraying:

  • To restore old synthetic carpets such as acrylic, nylon and polyesters, dilute 1-part AMSOLVE with 5 to 10 parts water and uniformly pre-spray the dirty traffic areas.
  • Work in with carpet rake or wand, allow 5 minutes to react then extract with either pure water or a diluted solution of extraction detergent.

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