Agar Autobrite Wash and Polish Detergent

Size: 5Lt
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Odour: Faint Ammonia.

AUTOBRITE is a unique floor cleaner and restorer which cleans effectively and simultaneously replenishes the floor surface with acrylic polish. It is designed for damp-mopping and auto scrubbing and will leave the floor clean and ready for buffing to a very high finish. Alternatively, it may be used as a quick acting spray-buff solution.

Key Benefits:

  • AUTOBRITE is a convenient, two-in-one product that polishes and cleans in one operation.
  • If used regularly, AUTOBRITE will create a beautiful, glossy film of floor polish.

How Does It Work?

AUTOBRITE removes all types of routine floor soilage. It works in a two-stage cleaning mechanism:

  1. Attack of soilage by detergent compounds which emulsify and remove it from the floor.
  2. Preferential adherence to the floor by the polish components which form a protective film when the floor dries.

For Use On…

AUTOBRITE is used for cleaning vinyl, timber, terrazzo, quarry and ceramic-tile floors. It is ideal for slow to medium speed buffing but is not intended for ultra-high speed buffing (greater than 1200 rpm).

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