Agar CleanSave 4S Shower and Tile Cleaner

Size: 2.4Lt
Sale price$69.55


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Odour: Citrus Fragrance.

CLEANSAVE 4S is an all-in-one washroom cleaner concentrate that blasts away bathroom scum on toilets, showers, floors, walls, basins and fixtures. It will deodorise and leave a fresh lime fragrance.

CLEANSAVE 4S is a part of the CLEANSAVE Closed Loop Chemical and Dispensing System which prevents cleaners from having contact with the concentrated chemicals.


Key Benefits:

  • Highly concentrated to get more out of each bottle.
  • Provides control over dilution.
  • Prevents over-dosing or spillage which reduces product wastage.
  • Outstanding performance in removing bathroom soilage.
  • Has a powerful cleaning action.
  • Rapidly removes soilage.
  • Colour and number coded for ease of use and safety.
  • Environmentally preferable, contains biodegradable surfactants and no added phosphates.
  • Concentrated products are made with less water which reduces packaging, transport and storage requirements.

How Does It Work?

CLEANSAVE 4S is a new-generation cleaning liquid formulated to have an absolute minimum impact on the environment.

  • Biodegradable.
  • Made from all natural, renewable ingredients.
  • Contains mild organic acid ingredients with no irritating fumes.
  • No phosphates.
  • No chlorine.
  • Recyclable packaging.

How Does It Work?

CLEANSAVE 4S is an all-purpose washroom cleaner. It is a forceful cleaner of toilets, urinals and showers, washroom floors, walls, basins and fixtures. CLEANSAVE 4S will easily dissolve rust, lime, bio-waste, urine, hard surface scale, soap and fat scum on all washroom surfaces, yet it will not harm Stainless Steel, porcelain, ceramics or glass even during periods of prolonged contact (NOTE: Do not use any acidic products on marble or terrazzo).

CleanSave Range

CLEANSAVE is a range of performance driven, concentrated chemicals that are supplied in tamper-proof packaging for dispensing automatic dilution systems. Each convenient 2.4L bottle comes fitted with a safety insert that stops cleaners from being able to access the concentrate. The products can only be diluted through dispensers which provides complete control over dilution, stopping over-dosing and product wastage and improving safety.


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