Agar Coffee Stain Remover

Size: Part A 500ml
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Download-Safety Data Sheet "A"

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A highly potent safety bleach for removing coffee and other ‘impossible’ stains from carpet, fabric, and hard floor surfaces.

Key Benefits

  • Gets out those “impossible” stains like coffee, tea and food dyes.
  • This product degrades naturally and leaves no residues in the fabric.
  • Is a safety bleach which will not attack most water-resistant fabric dyes.
  • Is a convenient liquid product – no powders to dissolve. Just mix parts A and B together in equal proportions.

How Does It Work?

Coffee Stain Remover is a highly potent peroxide safety bleach for removing coffee and other “impossible” stains from carpet and fabric upholstery. Instant coffee often contains food dyes which leave golden brown stains on fabrics. As they result from brown dyes, such stains can be very persistent and do not respond to normal spotters. In such cases, Coffee Stain Remover should be used to attack the brown dye and make it disappear. It is also useful on tea, red wine and food-dye stains. For stains caused by pure, brewed coffee, we recommend that Tannex be used.

For Use On…

This product can be used on washable fabrics, carpets, wood, and stone floors. Pre-test on marble and limestone surfaces before use.


  • COFFEE STAIN REMOVER is prepared by blending two liquids together. This mixture will give off bubbles of oxygen, so it should not be stored in a closed bottle, jar or spraygun. It should be mixed in an open plastic or glass jar or cup. Do not use metal spoons or containers.
  • Mix 100 mls of PART A with 100 mls of PART B.
  • Test for colourfastness on an out-of-the-way area of the carpet or upholstery. Make certain that no colour dyes on the fabric are affected.
  • Sponge the solution onto the stain and work into the pile with a rag, plastic scraper or pile rake. Do not over wet the carpet or fabric.
  • Leave to activate for 20 minutes or until the stain has disappeared.
  • Rinse the solution away with clean water and extract the area to speed up drying.

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