Agar Fresco All in One Washroom Cleaner Eco Friendly

Size: 750ml Dispenser Bottle
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Odour: Lime Fragrance.


FRESCO is an all-purpose washroom detergent and is a forceful cleaner of toilets, urinals, and showers. It is also ideal for washroom floors, walls, basins, and fixtures. FRESCO's lime oils deodorise the washroom and leave a fresh lingering fragrance.

Environmental Care:

FRESCO is a new-generation cleaning liquid formulated for maximum effectiveness with an absolute minimum impact on the environment. Consider the following features:

  • BIODEGRADABLE – Rapidly breaks down into friendly by-products.
  • FRESCO is made from renewable and regrow able surfactants. Detergents are derived from coconut oil, acids from citrus fruit and malt products and lime oil from citrus fruit. Lime oil endows FRESCO with an excellent natural solvent and a refreshing perfume.
  • ORGANIC ACID INGREDIENTS – FRESCO contains a mild food acid with no irritating fumes, low in corrosiveness and low in toxicity. Cleaners will want to use this cleanser.
  • NO toxic, harmful or ecologically suspect ingredients: no ammonia, glycol ethers, nonyl phenol ethoxylates, caustics, corrosives, chlorine, heavy metal sequestering agents or phthalates

For Use On

FRESCO will easily dissolve lime, bio-waste, urine, hard surface scale, soap, and fat scum on all washroom surfaces, yet it will not harm stainless steel, porcelain, ceramics or glass even during periods of prolonged contact (NOTE: Do not use any acidic products on marble or terrazzo). FRESCO's thickened formula clings to vertical surfaces allowing the product to work to its fullest potential. While at full strength, FRESCO's mixture of natural acids provides exceptional cleaning power, clever formulation means that, when diluted, the acid power recedes leaving a solution that is not harmful to grouting or ceramic tiles.

Application: FRESCO cleans the whole washroom.

Toilets & Urinals:

Dilute to 1 in 2 in squeeze bottle; 80ml per bowl should be ample. Leave FRESCO for a few minutes to attack any build-up, then scrub with nylon brush.

Showers & Baths:

Use FRESCO at 1 in 2 for initial clean. Allow a few minutes to attack dirt and soap scum, then scrub or sponge, and rinse off. For daily cleaning FRESCO may be diluted to 1 in 10 parts waters. (Do not use on marble or terrazzo shower walls or floors – Use diluted Chloradet detergent).

Basins, Benches & Taps:

Dilute FRESCO to 1 in 10 parts warm water. Apply the solution to the surface, sponge, or mop to remove soil then rinse and wipe dry. (Do not use on marble benchtops - use pH-7 Detergent).

Washroom Floors & Walls: FRESCO may be diluted to 1 in 50 parts waters in a bucket. If necessary, soak floor for a few minutes, then mop clean. Even at this dilution, a refreshing scent will linger afterwards. (Do not use on marble or terrazzo floors - use pH-7 Detergent).

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