Agar G Solve Carpet Cleaner (Pre-Spray)

Size: 500ml
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G-SOLVE is a pre-spotter for removing stains from carpet and clothing prior to rinsing or washing. It is a solvent-based product for removing oily and greasy-type stains and can be washed out with water or detergent.

Key Benefits

G-SOLVE is a potent solvent for carpet spotting and removing difficult soilage.

G-SOLVE will dissolve grease, chewing gum, tar, adhesives, and oily stains.

How Does It Work?

G-SOLVE is a sophisticated blend of solvents and surfactant. It will remove adhesives, grease, chewing gum, oil, asphalt, tar, wax, rubber marks, some inks, metal polish, tobacco, oil-based furniture polish, silicone, Blutak®


Carpet Spotting: Pre-test to ensure no colours run. Apply G-SOLVE to a nappy or pale-coloured cloth and dab the stain working inwards from the edge to the centre. G-SOLVE works best on dry carpets. Blot the stain clean with a clean cloth or towel and flush with clean water to remove any residue. Alternatively, extract the stain residue with extraction detergent (EXIT or CITRUS EXTRA) after pre-spotting with GSOLVE.

Removing Adhesives or Chewing Gum:

Scrape away excess. Pour G-SOLVE onto residue and leave to penetrate and break down. Work in with scraper. Use scraper to punch holes in lumps of gum to assist G-SOLVE to get under it and release it from the surface. Lift off the gum then remove any residue with more G-SOLVE and give a final rinse with water.

Felt-Pen Graffiti:

Test G-SOLVE on surface in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility. Spray G-SOLVE onto graffiti and wipe-off immediately.


Spray collars, cuffs and stains with G-SOLVE then launder.

Industrial Cleaning:

G-SOLVE is an excellent solvent cleaner for removing oil, grease, tar and other oil-soluble stains from metals, paintwork and many hard surfaces.

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