Agar React Degreaser for Smoke and Road Dirt

Size: 500ml Empty Bottle
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Odour: Mild Solvent Odour.

REACT is a fast-reacting, powerful detergent suitable for a diverse range of degreasing and heavy-duty cleaning tasks. It is especially effective on particulate soils like smoke and road dirt.

Main Benefits

  • Attacks all dirt oil and carbon films and washes them away easily.
  • Has a thousand and one uses in workshops, factories, garages – in fact, anywhere you find dirt, oil and grease.
  • Is great for fire-restoration cleaning work.
  • Is non-rusting and also safe on aluminium.

How does it work?

REACT is an alkaline water-based solvent cleaner suitable for use on all washable surfaces.

This concentrated detergent:

  • Rapidly loosens dirt and soot allowing it to be washed away
  • Is very versatile and excels in a variety of cleaning tasks
  • Is not classed as dangerous goods.

For use on …

REACT removes the toughest dirt, mud, oil films, grease, grime and soot from floors, equipment, machinery, painted walls, and vehicle bodies. It is suitable for cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, sinks, cupboards, baths, showers, car and truck engine bays, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, and porcelain. REACT is great for cleaning painted surfaces in preparation for re-painting. REACT may be used in mop buckets, auto scrubbers, pressure washers and steam cleaners, as well as by spray and wipe.


LIGHT SOILAGE – dilute 1 part REACT to 60 parts with water.

HEAVY SOILAGE – dilute 1 part REACT to 6 parts with water. This is ideal for cleaning ovens, BBQ’s, walls, dirty paintwork, machinery, and smoke damage.

Scrubbing Floors, dilute 1 part REACT to 50 parts with water.

On vehicles use REACT at 1 in 10 to spray wheels. Allow to soak for 1 to 5 minutes then rinse. For cleaning engines, dilute REACT to 1 in 20. Always rinse the REACT solution off paintwork and metal surfaces before it dries out. 

Apply the REACT solution using a spray, mop or sponge, and scrub lightly, then rinse off or wipe clean using mop or a clean cloth.

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