Agar Rustex Rust Stain Remover 500ml

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Odour: Faint Pungent Acid Odour.

RUSTEX is a chemical treatment for removing rust and blood stains from carpets, some fabrics, windows, stainless steel and vinyl floors. It is also useful for removing insoluble calcium salts and hard water scale from glass windows. It dissolves the iron hydroxide salts that are present in rust and enables the stain to be rinsed free from surfaces.

Key Benefits

  • Removes rust from a variety of surfaces.
  • Makes rusty surfaces shine like new again.

For Use On…

RUSTEX can be used safely on all surfaces not harmed by acids including carpets, windows, stainless steel, and vinyl floors. NOT SAFE FOR USE on marble, terrazzo, aluminium, copper, and brass. Always test product in an inconspicuous area first.

Application Do not allow Rustex to encounter the skin.  WEAR RUBBER GLOVES AND EYE PROTECTION.

Carpet, Rugs, and fabrics:  Apply Rustex carefully to the stain by wetting a cloth with Rustex and then dabbing the product onto the stain. Allow time for it to dissolve the stain then blot with a towel or tissues. Rinse the treated area thoroughly to remove all traces of the dissolved iron, but do not flood or over-wet the carpet backing.

Windows: Rustex can be used to dissolve hard water scale and deposits from glass. It should be applied to a cloth first and then this should be rubbed on the scale deposits until they have dissolved. The area should then be fully rinsed with clean water.

Stainless steel: Brown rusty marks on stainless steel can be removed with Rustex using the same method as for windows above. Rinsing with water must be done after using Rustex. We advise that a test be made on a small 

Vinyl floors: Rust stains on vinyl floors can safely be dissolved with Rustex.  It will quickly remove surface rust. However, if the rust is very old and has soaked into the vinyl, it will probably leave a light “shadow” of the stain which will not come out. Please ask your Agar representative for further options to remove this. 

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